'Ohana Over Everything' Sticker

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'Ohana' means 'Family' in Hawaiian. As Lilo taught us, 'Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten'.


Family is defined in many ways. Of course, we mean your spouse, kids, parents and siblings along with extended relatives. Your gym friends are family too. A group of college friends that are always there for each other are a family. In the case of Project X, we also have an incredible customer base we call family. You're always on our mind with every release and we're always working to make you proud.

This design was developed to pay tribute to ANYONE you want to call 'Family' or 'Ohana'. And in typical Project X fashion, we used a Hawaiian word to help solidify the meaning because our family loves the islands and has formed incredible memories there.

Your Pal,



Sticker measures approximately 5.5" long.  Made of vinyl with a UV Laminate and can be applied to everything from cars to computers and more!