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    What are you guys all about?

    Project X is a clothing brand inspired by, meant for and dedicated to everyone in the fitness community and those living an active lifestyle. We all have our own reasons for dragging ourselves to the gym everyday. We all have our unique goals, challenges and styles. Each of us is our own Project X, and we’d like our clothing to reflect your individuality. But our products are not just made for use in the gym as they are equally at home on the beach or at a BBQ. Fitness. Food. Fun. It's what we're all about.

    Where’d the name come from?

    Well, honestly, it started as the developmental name for the idea of making cool shirts. As we sat down to figure out an actual retail name, someone blurted out “why don’t we just keep Project X?” We liked the top secret 50’s alien vibe and we also liked the idea of looking at you as your own “Project X”.  Maybe you want to dominate the world or maybe you just want to keep up with your kids. The tagline of “i am” further makes the personal connection between our brand and each of your individual reasons.

    What’s the deal with limited quantities?

    Project X is a boutique or streetwear inspired brand. While we sometimes space out a release over multiple printings, we never print again once a run is completed. We want you looking sharp. We also want you to own a unique design that not everyone else has. “Cool shirt! Where can I get it?” “You can’t”.

    Speaking of limited quantities, I had an item in my cart, but now it's sold out! What the heck?

    When an item is added to a shopping cart, it isn't "reserved" until the the checkout button is clicked. Once items are in checkout, a 5 minute hold is placed on those products. During high volume periods, items that appear in a shopping cart may become sold out by the time an order is actually checked out. 

    Superheroes, Hawaii, Kettleskulls, how do you come up with designs?

    All of the shirts have a very personal point of reference behind them. For instance, our KettleSkull logo is a tribute to Pirates of the Carribean at Disneyland. Todd proposed to his wife on this ride and it remains their most favorite ride in all the world today. Our island inspired designs grew out of our strong personal connection to Hawaii, a place you'll often find us. If you ever want to know more about how a design came to life, just ask!   

    What size should I order?

    We realize that everyone has a different preference on how they like an item to fit, so we have size charts for every product on our site. Just check the details for any design and it will reference a specific chart. You can find a link to all of our charts here. We're also always happy to provide additional assistance. Just send a note to service@iamprojectx.com.

    Everyone sells shirts. Why would I get yours?

    Our designs are unique and printed in limited quantities. Our shirts are high quality. We fulfill orders extremely fast. Our customer service is exceptional. You need a new shirt.

    Do you have a real, physical store?

    YES! You can certainly purchase Project X clothing here on our website. You can also visit our offices and showroom which is located in San Jose, California (address below). You can also E-mail service@iamprojectx.com to arrange an appointment outside of normal hours. If we are available we will certainly accommodate you.

    Project X
    1357 Lincoln Ave.
    San Jose, CA 95125

    When is your next design coming out?

    You’ll be the first to know when you follow us here:

    Facebook - www.facebook.com/iamprojectx 

    Instagram -  instagram.com/iamprojectx

    Twitter - www.twitter.com/iamprojectx

    We’re really big on using these social media services as intended. We share tons of stuff that most brands would never divulge in such a manner. The people who handle our social media accounts have carte blanche to basically share anything they’d like with our friends…

    Is that really Todd’s phone number on the card I received with my order?

    Indeed it is. When Todd started Project X, he insisted that our customer experience be second to none. Never one to hide behind the scenes, Todd is always more than happy to receive feedback or questions from customers.

    How do I care for a Project X article of clothing?

    All of our products are designed for the rigors of an active lifestyle. As with any moisture wicking style garment, it is best to wash them in cold and hang dry them. A very hot dryer setting can potentially dull the ink color over time and/or cause the garment to shrink. We also recommend washing all garments inside out and avoiding the use of an iron.

    Can you do Muscle-Ups?

    Sometimes people think that because we own a clothing company, we must be incredible athletes… No Rep!  Everyone involved at Project X struggles with something. Yes, we have athletes who have done some amazing things, but our collective group is not built on being the most incredible athletes. Project X is built on being a collective group of great PEOPLE who love going to the gym and the enjoy community. 

    And finally...

    We’re more than happy to answer questions about our products or review any feedback you may have.

    For all inquiries, please email  service@iamprojectx.com.

    You can also contact us online via the following social media sites:

    Facebook - www.facebook.com/iamprojectx 

    Instagram -  instagram.com/iamprojectx

    Twitter - www.twitter.com/iamprojectx


    Project X.